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Lil (formerly Stevie)

Animalkind, Inc

April 9, 2013

Hi -

First of all, you should be notified that Stevie is now named Lil (and he is actually a she). She was spayed at Pleasantville Animal Hospital several months ago and recovered from that procedure with no complications.

 Animalkind happy cat adoption Lil Stevie

She has adjusted to her home very well, considering that she lived out on the waterfront for her formative months. Although she is extremely affectionate with her major caregiver Emily, she is still a bit shy with everyone else. She does, however, come out whenever anyone is in the kitchen making noises with food and always enjoys being included in mealtime with treats. 

Whenever Emily is home, Lil comes immediately to sit with her and meows relentlessly to get whatever she wants - whether that is to be picked up, petted, or fed.   Lil is a valued member of the family and, as time passes we hope that she will continue to become more confident and extroverted.  


P.S.  I recently sent a donation and request that you keep us in mind if you get any abyssinians...I am looking to adopt one.

April 12, 2013
Not the best photos - but she doesn't always pose - as soon as you're about to take a photo, she comes over for attention.  You can add one to the "happily adopted" group on your website.  She doesn't look like a
feral cat anymore!

Animalkind happy cat adoption Lil 


Animalkind happy cat adoption Lil

Animalkind happy cat adoption Lil


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