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Little Satchel (formerly Clancy)

Animalkind, Inc

January 9, 2012

Hi, this is Lisa Johnson in Chatham.

I brought "Clancy" home with me on Friday, Jan 6, 2012.

Just thought you'd like to see how he is doing so far. We are all MADLY in love with him and he is very very happy. He'll be seeing my vet for a new checkup in 10 days, after he's done with the medicine you gave me. He's a very special kitty, such a lovie! He is eating very well, acting lively and happy, and sleeps in our bed, all warm right between me and my husband, purring away. We have renamed him "Little Satchel"...."Satch", "Satchmo", & "Satchy" for short.

Resting in the bedroom right after arriving here, first day.

After two days home, playing with ball in the kitchen after breakfast.

We are so delighted with him, he's totally PURRRRRFECT, and so beautifully behaved and loving! The two other (girl) cats are being amazingly tolerant and there are no problems other than an occasional little hiss now and then- yay!

I'll send another update later on.

Thank you again, we are SO happy with him,

Lisa Johnson


Subject: Clancy update....happy kitty, happy family
February 25, 2012

satchel clancy AnimalKind cat adoption

Hi all, just sharing a very cute video with you of our adopted kitty from Animalkind.  Here he is this morning, playing with his favorite toy and my office wastebasket, making a rumpus:

Am also attaching a photo of him I took the other probably remember him as Clancy.
We adopted him on Jan 6th, and his name is now Satchel.  We are just madly in love with him, and he's very happy here.   :)

Little Satchel sends his regards to all his friends and guardians back at the orphanage...

Chatham NY 

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