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Update on Mickey (formerly Dudley)

December 7, 2012
Our new kitten, Mickey (formally Dudley) came home with us on December 1, 2012.

Animalkind cat adoption 

He is a doll. He has warmed up to all of us so quickly. He is already hiding in a box of Christmas decorations playing with Erma our two year old cat who is trying to catch him from outside the box without success.

He comes up to us and has a very quiet meow which means he wants to be picked up. He did not cry at all on the way home or even the first night he was here. He is completely litter trained. He even doesn’t seem to mind Max our 11 year old dog. Max is very laid back and Mickey just goes right by him with no issues.

Animalkind cat adoption 

Thank you so much for taking such good care of him before he came to us. We just love him!

Cecelia Hamblin

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