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Murr (formerly Banshee)

Animalkind, Inc

December 30, 2012

Animalkind cat adopt 

Banshee (name changed to Murr as that is what he is always saying) is doing just fine.  He is a little devil and just full of mischief.  He loves to knock things off shelves and if it results in shattered pottery, he delights in dragging the pieces all around the house, even brings some in bed to show me.  I love cats with lots of character and he certainly fills the bill.

animalkind cat adopt 

He went to the vet when we first got him and checked out fine.  Pep, my companion, thinks he is getting fat, so we are trying to watch that a little.

Animalkind cat adopt 

We love him dearly and delight in all our little games with him.  He is the perfect cat for us.


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