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Norman and Bates

Animalkind, Inc

 July 13 2013
To: Animalkind


My name is Robin Gonyea.

I adopted two Siamese cat brothers from your wonderful organization on 7/3/2010. Their names at the time were Magell and Choflu. I changed their names to Norman and Bates. They are definitely the “We are Siamese” from “Lady and the Tramp”.

At their vetinarian’s office, people working there love telling other pet owners their names. Actually their names are Norman James and Bates Oliver. My family always gives our pets middle names. 

Your description of these two was that they were “sweet-natured boys”. Once they came out of their shell, oh boy! I wouldn’t trade a minute of the last three years even though they have been little wreckers at times. They are cats after all. Their personalities are so different, yet they do a lot of their activities in tandem. The unison is amazing. The boys love each other so much. They love me even when they continue to torture me with their shenanigans.

Animalkind happy cat adoption Norman Bates

Norman, who was previously named Magell, acts very regal and above it all, but looks are deceiving.

 Animalkind happy cat adoption Norman Bates

Bates, who was previously named Choflu, is just a big baby who is simply incorrigible.

There is never a dull moment in my home. These two do pretend that they are “sweet-natured boys” in front of all visitors and when they go to the groomers once a month to get a little spa treatment. I swear that they are smirking at me during these times.  

Animalkind happy cat adoption Norman Bates

I love these boys so much and they give me much joy. Norman and Bates know when I’m having a bad day and are right by my side to give me unconditional love.

I thank you so much for the opportunity to adopt and love them.

Robin Gonyea

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