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July 27, 2013

Subject: the boys

I thought you'd get a kick out of (stills from) a vid, taken a few weeks ago. A couple of days after this, he (Romeo / Dublin) figured out how to climb back down the "ladder", and a week later he was jumping up to the counter in one leap.

Meanwhile, Julius had already been jumping up on the counter days before this.

Animalkind kitten adoption

Animalkind kitten adoption

Romeo is about 5 lbs now and Julius (formerly Derry) 6 1/2. I think Julius is going to be a big cat, has big paws and long legs. Romeo is smaller boned, narrower. Julius, who chows down faster than Romeo, steals his food if I'm not watching - a while back he was plumping up while Romeo was getting thinner. I'm taking care now to see that Romeo gets enough food.

They have full reign of most of the house (not the bathrooms or my studio), race around like crazy. They LOVE the screened-in porch, watching the birds and bugs. And they're smart (Romeo is a tad smarter), have learned a bunch of words - are you HUNGRY? (they come running). Wanna FETCH? (they look to me to throw a ball. Often, Romeo brings it back to me! I was hoping for a fetching cat like my old tabby!). Wanna go on the PORCH? (they run to the porch door). ROMEO, COME! JULIUS, COME (sometimes they come). DOWN! (they jump off whatever). OUT! (they get out of the bathroom or closet or cabinet).   They are just so cuddly and beautiful and fun, I can't tell you how grateful I am to have them with me, and that you were such a good foster mom.

 I hope all's well with you,


See August 23, 2013 UPDATE!

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