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Sasha - February 9, 2014

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UPDATE - February 10, 2013


 I will tell you now that I am totally in love with this kitten and she seems quite happy with me too :)

Animalkind happy cat fan mail Minette

She has fun sitting in front of the glass doors and keeping an eye on the birds, she naps wherever she wishes and right now that would be next to me... thus I cannot get up until she wakes up :) We are very happy with each other. ..

Animalkind happy cat fan mail Minette

Her name is now Minette. Because she is no bigger than a minute :)...


February 9, 2014

Subject: Today I adopted a kitten

I adopted the little Russian Blue (looking) kitten and I thought you might like to hear about her first day with me. She likes her new  house. She loves the doors in the dining room where she can watch the birds at the feeders. She has a little bed by the windows so she can watch the birds in warm comfort. She is eating well and playing and being cute and lovable.

I think we are going to be very happy together... I named her Sasha.

Here is a photo of Sasha in her new home.

Animalkind happy cat adoption Sasha

Thank you,

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