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Animalkind, Inc

May 14, 2013

Hi there,

Mom and I wanted to let you know about Tabby, the cat we adopted on Sunday. 

She is doing great, using her litterbox, eating, and drinking.

Animalkind cat adoption Tabby 

Our other cat is FANTASTIC with her. Very little hissing or fighting. We did not introduce them until yesterday. We used your tip about having each cat get used to their scents. They have separate litter boxes and food dishes too.

We had our vet check out Tabby and she is in great shape, no worms, no fleas. Our vet said she was about a year and a half.  

Thanks again! 

Please let me know if there will be an open house or if you need some help, I would be happy to help.  

Sharon and Donna Connors

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