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Tiger Lily

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Update on Tiger Lily

May 30, 2012

Animalkind cat adopt Tiger Lily 

This is the new addition to my household.

Animalkind cat adopt Tiger Lily 

After over a month of searching we finally found each other. She is about 7 weeks old and is a tabby with bengal mixed in (Bengals are hybrids between domesticated cats and wild Asian Leopards).

Animalkind cat adopt Tiger Lily 

Although she's easily scared right now, we have already bonded. She starts purring like crazy when I touch her and we get all cuddly and have a great time as long as there are no loud noises. She'll be a love bug before I know it!

Animalkind cat adopt Tiger Lily 

Her name is Tiger Lily, Lily for short. Before I got her I was thinking of names and for some reason Lily persisted despite my best efforts to think of a couple more to consider. When I was filling out the paperwork on her I came to find out her name was already Lily!  There was my sign. As scientific and objective as I try to be, sometimes these things are just beyond my understanding...

Enjoy the pics!


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