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Animalkind, Inc

November 10, 2012
I just want to take the opportunity to say thank you. Its only been a week since I came home with Tommy, and he has changed my life! He is a bundle of joy! From the hot laps he runs through the house (usually with a toy in his mouth) to the moment he climbs up and cuddles up on my chest, purring loudly as he falls asleep in my arms.

Animalkind Tommy happy adoption

I have experienced a sense of such serenity and contentment. He is a perfect match for me! I think I have only taken about a hundred pictures! Everyone that meets him instantly falls in love. He is great with children too, as my 6 year-old niece adores him! He is so full of energy, I just smile watching him play.
So, again, Thank You from the bottom of my heart for bringing so much joy back into my life!  I look forward to a lifetime of happiness together with him.

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