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Tuxie - 31 December 2013

Animalkind, Inc

December 31, 2013

Tuxedo found a home. I put a lost cat note on your website on March 24.

I am happy to say no one claimed him; he is now a part of my family. So you can take his picture down. He was the black and white tuxedo cat with five toes on his front paws.

Animalkind lost cat adopted Tuxie

I then adopted a playmate for him from Animalkind on July 18, 2013. Her name is Abigail who was very shy but has now come out of her shell and she is doing wonderfully.

Animalkind lost cat adopted Tuxie

Thanks to you and your staff for being there for all these lovely cats.


FROM March 24, 2012

I have found a cat and would like to put it on your web page to see if I can find the owner if not I will be keeping him. he was found in the location of Hudson on Joslen Blvd in Jonel mobile home park on March 24, 2012.

He is a tuxedo color short hair, with 5 toes on his front paws -- very affectionate, not neutered., I have enclosed pictures of him. He seems to be a younger male.

Thank you,

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