Fan Mail Letters

Animalkind, Inc

May 2012


I hope you are doing well and enjoying the holiday weekend. I had wanted to share a photo of Charlie on his first birthday this past Thursday, but my camera broke and I couldn't get one, so I am sharing one of my favorites from last fall / winter.

Animalkind cat adoption Charlie

He has gotten very big (and long). He is still as loving as ever and not only purrs but 'talks' quite a bit too. He loved playing in the snow we had especially after the October storm. He would make snowballs and chase them. Lately he has been picking up rocks and tossing them to chase. He's quite amazing. His tree-cclimbing skills are excellent although we had an issue last November. He got too far up in a Hemlock and couldn't get down so Robin had to get out the extension ladder and climb up and get him. It must have left quite an impression on him since it'sd never happened again.

I appologize for not staying in touch with you. My life has been chaotic since September. Hopefully it will calm down soon. I am moving to North Carolina on June 24th. Charlie has been there five times already. He is quite the seasoned traveler and loves it there. (Once I get settled and have my new e-mail address I will send it to you.)

Charlie is also great friends with my dogs, especially Autumn, the younger one. They play together all the time. You would think that they were really hurting each other, but they seem to know when to quit. He takes walks with me in the morning and spends a lot of time with my barn cat Lacey. They have developed a nice friendship as well. So, I guess I'd have to say that he has settled in with the family quite nicely. I know that I am thrilled to have him. He is such a love-bug.

I hope you have a very nice summer.


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