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Che Che and Achie (formerly Arnie)

Animalkind, Inc

To the Staff at Animalkind:

Animalkind cat adoption

My name is Heather Boucher and I am writing because my family and I recently welcomed Che Che and Archie, formerly known as"Arnie", into our lives. They were adopted together as surrogate brothers, both coming to us with tragic pasts.  I am delighted to report that all is well.  Both Che Che and Archie were welcomed with open paws by our existing cat, Brittan, and our 3 year-old Newfoundland, Mondo. As you can see from the enclosed pictures, Mondo is even willing to share his bed with them -- not to mention, so are we! They have made themselves right at home!

Animalkind cat adoption

Thank you to all the wonderful staff who so lovingly cared for these guys before they came to our home. I truly believe that it's because of all of you that these little guys have adjusted so well and are  so willing to trust again after what they went through.

Please remember that what you all do, as difficult sometimes as it may be, makes a difference in not only the lives of these fortunate cats, but in the lives of those who are lucky enough to adopt and share their lives with them.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The Boucher Family (all of us)!

NOTE from Animalkind: Back in April, 2012, Che Che and his brother, Bandit, were surrendered by their family of many years because the family's child developed allergies.  Both cats had been declawed and they were strongly bonded to each other.  Through luck, they were adopted from Animalkind together.  Alas, the combined shock of losing a long-time home, then a stay with bustling Animalkind, and then being brought to a new home were too much for Bandit, who sadly passed away, leaving his soulmate Che Che very despondent and wouldn't eat.  So, Che Che was returned back to Animalkind where the staff tried to rekindle his interest in life. But Che Che did not respond, and grew more depressed, having lost not only his long-time home, but also his long-time companion.

Animalkind cat adoption
Unhappy Che Che before Archie

One day, an Animalkind staff member hit upon the idea of introducing a needy kitten to Che Che on the hopes Che Che might focus his attention on the little one.  It worked like a charm!  Che Che quickly became protective of little Arnie, who purred and climbed all over Che Che. Though Che Che was a much older cat than Arnie, he did not mind Arnie's constant invitations to play. They slept and purred together, and Che Che's appetite came back.  It was clear that they could only be adopted to a home that would take both of them together, as they had bonded so closely. A miracle happened, and they were both adopted into the Boucher Family who sent us the wonderful letter and update above.

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