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This is my constant companion, Marmelade, who I picked up from in front of a country house during a major snowstorm in 2002.   The occupants of the house knew I was with Animalkind and saw this cat, bleeding in a snowbank, after some snowmobiles went by.  They had two large dogs inside, who would have gone after the poor cat mercilessly.  So, they called me and I went out in the snowstorm in my front-wheel-drive Mazda at the time and was able to reach the house, pick up the bleeding cat, and bring him home before the roads were closed.

Animalkind cat adoption Marmelade

I kept him quarantined in the downstairs bathroom, until two days later when I could get him to a vet.   It turned out that the bleeding was due to broken capillaries in his nose that apparently had frozen and then broken when they began to irritate and he scratched them.

I had to keep him in the bathroom for a month with a vaporizer before the bleeding would stop.  Also, the antibiotics helped, and he gained weight.  He has Katrin of Animalkind to thank, since it was she that made his rescue possible.

He has been just about the most devoted cat I ever had.

Animalkind cat adoption Marmelade

AND .....  the laziest !!!

Animalkind Volunteer

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