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Prinny and Baby

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Update on Prinny and Baby

May 24, 2012  

Animalkind dog adoption

Here is a picture of the girls hanging out on our couch. They are completely lovely - they still bark , especially at Michael - when one of us comes in after being gone a while.  But once you are with them a short period - they are very affectionate. They sat with the girls last night while they did their homework, and then with Michael as soon as the girls went to bed. Prinny is more of a wanderer - she is constantly walking around and exploring the apartment - baby is always not too far from me (and is sitting behind my chair again now).

Every couple of hours - they run around the house and have a "wrestling match" between themselves - very funny - all sorts of growling and wagging tails during the whole thing. They are really a joy!

Jeannette B Price

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