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From Anne and Dave Quemere - 14 Feb 2005

Hi Katrine,


I hope all is well. The Quemere family wanted to give you an update on Buddy and Holly. One day we will get around to e-mailing you some pictures.

The last time Buddy was to the vets he was 10#s, up 2#'s from when we brought him home. He continues to flourish more every week. His eyes are much more lively. He is initiating play. He will find one of Conors toys and bat it around, he will even chase string now. He is also checking us out more, I call him Buddy the spy. In the morning you can find Buddy sitting at the head of the stairs peeking around the corner to see what all the action is. He is also hanging out with the family more. We were picking him up and bringing him into the other rooms with us. Now, He is hanging out with us more on his own. He just loves to cuddle and have his belly rubbed. He has a special connection with Dave. He is always hanging out next to Dave especially when heis playing the guitar!. He is so beautiful.. (To enlarge the photo of Buddy, click on the photo or link)

Holly weighed 8#'s the last time we had her at the vet. She is so cute. Not as big as buddy. We made Feb 4th her birthday and gave her some new toy mice, but she has her favorites. She is very much a people cat. She follows every one around everywhere and she is very, very snuggly. Dave tells me she is my cat. Wherever I go, Holly goes. She hangs out in the bathroom while I shower and get ready for work and she greets me at the door when I get home. She just nestles up into my neck when I pick her up. She is extremely playful and full of energy. Her favorite thing is to hide her mice under the refrigerator or stove and then lay there until someone sticks a long stick underneath the appliance to remove it. She is always asleep at the end of our bed some nights Buddy joins her. Holly has started snuggling up inbetween Dave and I some mornings. She has also discovered Andrew's top bunk. She jumps up onto his dresser and then onto the bunkbed. She lays up there looking like she owns the bed.

As you can tell we are all enjoying Buddy and Holly. They have been a wonderful addition to our family. Everyone loves them so much. I hope to get pictures to you soon.

Take Care.


Anne, Dave, Conor and Andrew Quemere

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