Fan Mail Letters

Animalkind, Inc

April 16, 2012


Thor has been just amazing.

Only 20 minutes after getting him home, everyone was simply shocked that Thor was so comfortable so quickly. When he got out of the carrier, he went under the bed, only to pop out the other side within 10 seconds to keep exploring.

He has been getting along great with all the friends of mine he gets to meet and he adores all the attention. His little eye drip he had has cleared up just fine. He follows me around the house for most of the time I'm home, almost whenever I sit down he goes straight onto my lap. He's honestly the exact cat I always imagined.

Animalkind cat adopt Thor

The above picture is of me and him writing this email right now.

Thank you, you guys are awesome, keep doing your thing and helping cats like him. I'll make sure the cash comes when I can spare it.


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