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Lost Companion Animals

Co-Co - Missing Dog


I lost my loved one Co-Co on May 21, 2009.

I'm from Michigan and was visiting a relative in Flushing, Queens, NY. Co-co slipped out of his collar (foolishly left loose for his comfort) and must have pushed open a screen door that I was unfamiliar with. He is not micro-chipped.

I am afraid someone took him and then decided to give him away to a shelter. Maybe even picking him up in a car and driving a far distance away. I have already checked with nycacc.org/pet harbor


Lost on: MAY 21st, 2009 in the afternoon

He was last seen near Northern Blvd and Flushing Cemetery. He was possibly going towards Bayside.

Name: Co-co

pomapoo mix
20 lbs.
Male Neutered

White/blonde/light yellow short straight fur

Pink nose with brown at the edges
Droopy small ears

He has a very short tail (seems docked but vet said it's natural)

He is 4 yrs old
Has severe carsickness in moving vehicles.
Anyone who finds him or has information leading to his recovery will be rewarded $500 cash.

No questions asked.

Please bring him home. It feels like the world stopped turning.

Feel free to repost or mention/show this to anyone. One mention could mean Co-co being reunited with his family.

He's spoiled rotten, but we love him to death. Please please please help me find my dog. He means a lot the family, especially the kids.
Please e-mail: eileenccchiu@gmail.com

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