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I am desperately looking for my missing dog miniature dachshund. My dog was in a have duty truck, when it was stolen on November 30. On the territories of US (Laredo,Tx) . So I am looking for him at your place because he might be anywhere at this moment. The person who stole my truck didn’t need my dog and they probably have left him anywhere. He is a part of my family; we really miss him and want him home as fast as possible.

 * His name is Juhas pronounced (yoo-has)
 * Male miniature dachshund
 * He is 6 years old,
 * All black with tan marking on his feet and on his neck,
 * He is micro chipped with Canadian registration#0A00777457, but it is possible that his micro chip might not work in US area.
  * 12 -14 lbs ( might be less now )

For whoever finds him we are paying reward of 2000 $ and any other expenses, and no questions asked.

If you have any information’s please contact us at
Mothers cell phone= 630 512 7615 (Kate)
Home phone= 1 705 796 4527 (Kate or Anna)
My cell phone= 1 705 796 4527 (Anna)
E-mail awrobel90@msn.com
Please visit us on our fan page on Facebook, (For the love of Juhas) you can see photos and more information’s or go to Google to "Juhas missing dog" or "For the love of Juhas". Share your opinions on where and how we can find him. With your opinions we have bigger change in finding him.

If you could please send this fan page to all your co-workers, Family and Friends.
Thank you so much for your help and please get back to me if you have any information’s.

Anna & Kate.

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