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Grey lost in Jay, NY - 26 Feb 2012

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Grey lost in Jay, NY - 26 Feb 2012

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Thank you for reading this and any help you can give us.

My name is Michele McDermott. I am contacting you out of desperation; we lost our 4-legged loved one.

We were visiting my in-laws who live in Ausable Acres, Jay, NY; when on the 26th of December our little Shih tzu/Maltese, 3 yr old, 8lb; female dog was chased out of the driveway by a husky. We are from San Francisco and so the area was new to Grey. We have been worried sick, desperately searching for her since then, we follow any and all leads, have handed out flyer's and put up posters everywhere, ads in the local papers, radio stations and lots of facebook pages. Grey has been posted on all the lost and found websites including craigslist within a 100-mile radius, in neighboring states and on petfinder.com.

We strongly believe Grey was picked up on the 26th itself (an eye witness watched as a car made 3 attempts to pick Grey up on the afternoon of the 26th). We believe she has traveled to another state with her rescuer(s). While we continue our search and calls to the vets, shelters, DCO locally, we are expanding our search and the reason for my email to you.

We have contacting all the shelters and vets in the states of NY, VT, ME, NH, CT, NJ and Montreal.

Grey has a microchip and our prayer (hope) is that with luck on our side, sooner rather than later, she will be scanned and returned to us. Thank you for any help you can provide us with. The attached flyer has pictures and other details about Grey for you to distribute/post/keep, should you miraculously come across our beloved Grey. She is registered with petlink as lost and we have contacted them to put an alert on her status as stolen. Her microchip number is 981020001364444. Since it is our belief that she is stolen, I have not added the microchip information on the flyer.

With heartfelt gratitude,


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