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Sam, Lost Pine Hills - 18 May 2013
Animalkind, Inc

Animalkind lost cat Sam 

Dear Friends of Animals,
Our beloved cat SAM slipped out yesterday.  We live at 84 S. Pine Avenue in Albany, between Mercer and Myrtle Aves.
Sammy is an orange, medium-hair, male, around 10-12 years old.  He weighs 6.5 pounds. He is long and skinny.  He has an asthmatic cough.  His photo is attached.
We adopted him 2 years ago.  He has been an inside-only cat during that time.  
Sam ran across our street, through the yards across the street and into the back yard of a house on Allen Street.  I saw him in dense underbrush there, but he got scared when I tried to crawl into the underbrush to grab him, and he bolted.  I don't know which direction he took off to or how far he went.  I looked for hours in the general vicinity, but could not find him again.
We alerted the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society.  
We have posted about 60 signs on telephone poles.  We have spread the word in our neighborhood.
We live on the 2nd FL, but I put his cat bed and food on the porch of the first floor.  I also spread some of his litter box contents in the bushes to our yard.
Would you be kind enough to call my husband George's cell 518-369-8894 or email me at monfortem@gmail.com if anyone calls about Sam or if you have any advice?
Of course we miss our sweet boy tremendously!
Thanks for your kindness to all the cats.
Michele Monforte
George McCroy

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