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Cat Found in Catskill, NY - 08 Aug 2011

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Cat Found in Catskill, NY - 08 Aug 2011

He was found near St. Patrick's church at the corner of Bridge and Spring in Catskill, NY, wearing a collar. My neighbor, who has been feeding him, cut the collar off him as it seemed to be very tight on him. It was yellow plastic with green snowflake shapes on it with a bell attached.

He's very skinny but is fairly large. I don't know how long he's been on the street, but he is clearly comfortable around people and rubs against your legs somewhat aggressively trying to get food or water. He walked right into our house when we left the backdoor open. He began looking around and eating our cat's food, even though it was pretty dried up. He will try some dry cat food, but only a little. Even though he's clearly hungry. The neighbor who's been feeding him has been feeding him wet cat food which he devours.

He was a bit confrontational with our cat, or perhaps our cat was a bit confrontational with him? when he saw him making himself comfortable on our cat's turf. A few growls and hisses and I separated the two. Because of this confrontation I have discouraged him from coming onto our porch, but he seems to make a regular appearance at our neighbor's at 7am, noon and 7pm.

Please email mrzero@panix.com  if you know (or would like to adopt) this kitty.

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