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Lost Companion Animals

Max (3 Year Old Cat) - Lost

My cat Max ran out of my house on Sunday afternoon (12/03/2006). We saw him Sunday night but he got scared and would not come back in. I have since looked all over for him and have not been successful in finding him. I am putting up fliers and contacting all the local groups in the area in case they see him. I live in Albany on the corner of Dove and Myrtle behind the Price Chopper on Delaware Ave. Also if you know of anywhere near there that cats may go to stay warm please let me know so I can go look for him. We just moved there a month ago so I haven't really had a chance to explore the neighborhood.

Max is about 3 years old (I adopted him about a year ago from a person who couldn't keep him any longer who said he was around 2 at the time). He has always been an indoor cat but he is not declawed (luckily). He is a Maine Coon gray and black tiger type - very long and big boned but he recently had a food allergy and lost a lot of his beautiful coat on his back and around the tail. It is growing back in but he is a thin cat (not a big eater usually) so he does not appear as large as he actually is. He is a very clean cat and his front coat is still extremely soft and silk. He is fairly friendly with people and enjoys being pet. He is not a huge fan of being picked up, but when he is scared he wants to cuddle right up next to you. He is not especially friendly with other cats and dogs.

I live at 146 Dove St. Albany, NY 12202. Max used to live on Madison a block past Lark and near the old Bleeker restaurant on the corner of Dove and State a block past Lark with his former owner. Prior to our current location, we lived on the corner of Lark and Lancaster. He was never got out of that apartment but I am not sure what he did prior to us getting him. In your experience with cats, would he try to go back to one of those locations? I have never lost a pet before so I don't know if I should also put fliers around those places for him.

If you find him or just think you saw him somewhere, please PLEASE let me know. I really miss him. I can be called at 518-221-0143 (cell) or 518-320-3235 (direct work line). I am hoping to get some pictures to you soon.

Jennifer Terplak

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