Ongoing story of six newborns and their Mom

Animalkind, Inc

Animalkind took in a mom with one week old kittens in early March 2012. We want to keep you posted how they grow and give a glimpse into a  tiny world of newborn kittens and the joy fostering can bring! We will keep you posted weekly on the furry family. 

March 10

 Animalkind kittens growing
Here is the happy mom, with her "pride" of six newborns. They are still blind and totally dependent on Mom.

 Animalkind kittens growing
Barely a few days old, the gray and white kitten is tiny!

 Animalkind kittens growing
This little Tuxedo won't be attending any formal affairs for awhile yet!

Animalkind kittens growing
The little tiger kitten can barely crawl

Animalkind kittens growing
A pretty little Russian Blue who cannot yet open her eyes to the world.

    Animalkind kittens growing
So very tiny and fragile. 

March 21

Now the kittens are known as "Tina's Kittens" in honor of their human foster mom.

Animalkind kittens 

They are now two weeks old and beginning to get a glimpse of their new world. Their eyes are opening, but not yet ready to focus.

They are completely dependent on their kittie mom (with a little help from their human foster). 

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