Kupid - May 6, 2011
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Kupid - May 6, 2011

Good afternoon Katrin,

I am writing this with a heavy heart. Here is your article about a group of cats rescued many years ago. Our very first cat we adopted from you back in the days when you were in the church, Kupid, was one of those cats. She passed away on Friday.

When we first met you in mid February 2003 we were looking for a kitten companion for our 5 month old cat Sam.

Although we had adopted his brother from the family Sam came from. His brother (same mother) was from a previous litter, was quite a bit older and extremely ferral. Sam was a crazy kitten and needed a playmate and you gave him 5 month old Kupid.

She was extremely thin and very skittish. I remember when we got her home she was only interested in sitting on top of a 25lb bag of dry food in the closet and eating all day long.

When I took her to the vet in Copake because she was having a skin allergy, he remarked "what ever possessed you to adopt this looker?"

At the time she was a bit homely but once she put on weight and her skin condition (fish allergy) cleared up she became stunningly beautiful.

She was one of those cats who would love attention, on her terms, and would curl up beside you but never want to be picked up. 5 years to the day she came to live with us she crawled up into my lap and took a nap. I think I cried for an hour.

She was very bonded to Sam and his ferral turned wussy brother Ben and wherever you found one brother you would always find him with Kupid.

Food was the be all and end all of her life and no matter how sick she became she would always be right there at our feet looking for table scraps or her favorite ham from the deli.

Last August Kupid had to have 5 teeth pulled and there began her problems. She was diagnosed with thyroid disease, then CRF and ultimately succumbed to multiple organ failure.

The vet recommended that we put her to sleep but having started out her life locked in the crate with the other cats I did not want her life to end taking a trip to the vet back in the crate. She was deathly afraid of going into the crate.

Apparently she didn't want that either. As I was waiting for my daughter to come home from work so she could hold Kupid in the car she passed away in her sleep.

Thank you so much for allowing her to be a part of our lives. We miss her dearly.


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