Dexter - May 27, 2011
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Dexter - May 27, 2011

Dexter was rescued from the euthanasia list at a kill shelter by Animalkind, he was emaciated and diabetic. We knew he did not have long to be on this planet but we wanted to make his remaining time full of love after his endurance on the streets and shelters.

Rick offered to take him into his home and give him as much love and care until Dexter needed to go.

Hello Denise and Everyone at ANIMALKIND:

There is a saying I’ve heard that goes something like: [paraphrase]

“Sometimes one single glance or a single moment in time will be all that one was meant to experience in their entire Lifetime”

As much as I know that the work ALL of you do – and KATRIN who has given her whole life to helping these little “people” with NO way to say thank you for everyone who has been helped by all of you and the very SPECIAL IMMENSE “moments” that so many kitties and their families have brought -

. . . . . .. . I just wanted to let you know that DEXTER has gone home just this morning.

Like with anyone, with DEXTER one can only wonder what his personal history was, how he made it to you guys and how he incredibly, incredibly “held on” long enough for Katrin to find him [or perhaps vice versa].

As you know, DEXTER had a ‘look’ that wasn’t the usual – he ‘spoke’ somehow on a level you couldn’t miss: but he “made it home” and I can only say, it’s amazing that he was ‘found’ and cared for by all of you.

He came here on Thursday early afternoon and was set-up in his own “place” – quietly and securely and 100% comfortable and actually jumped [although carefully and slowly] up & down from his giant window bed & deck to the bed, laying down and stretching out.

I went to pick up special food for him from the Vet, and went and got several other types of the “best” food “just in case”. He seemed OK, though I immediately noticed he wouldn’t eat, like I saw him eat at Animalkind and thought it’s ‘ok’ for his adjustment to his own ‘place’ J [he definitely didn’t want anything to do with “Science Diet” J J] But you can be sure he was constantly & caringly hovered around until he had something that was to his liking, all the while with the little kittens nearby and coming close to see him, laying on the bed with his own soft, comfortable pillow and stretching out more watching TV with me.

On Friday we went to the Vet in the early a.m. just to review his ‘case’ and to get a clear update on his condition, which was found to be a declining one from his original examination of a month or so ago [maybe it was 2 months ???].

Knowing that his condition was difficult, I got additional nutritional supplements and a food for “critical care” situations - he even got a Vitamin shot.

He still wasn’t eating, was kept well hydrated – and the decision was made to hand-feed with a “super-food” [Vet prescribed] – which included ALL natural ingredients, lot’s of vitamins and a palatable food-paste supplement so he would get good quality calories on small quantities of food.

His insulin level and physical behavior was watched 24/7 so if there was going to be a need to adjust insulin we could figure on whether to increase/decrease [he was set for in increase regimen] right away. But we knew his red-blood count was way down and attributed that to a definite lymphoma-type condition( cancer)

All seemed prepared for at least a short-term, stable time for DEXTER. Even the little kittens were settled and approaching him carefully and sensitively, which was impressive to see!

Overnight Dexter seemed somewhat OK, but was quite weak. I hoped he would ‘recover’ some strength and thought he would, in fact.

I had NO sleep since bringing him “home”, as I watched his every move to be sure I wouldn’t miss anything.

He was exhilarated about his ‘place’: he was happy – seemed he felt “freed” with the 2 little kittens who actually welcomed him and stayed close by without a flinch.

Very early this a.m. Mr. Dexter got all of his very careful and special care, was never out of sight, was never left alone while I hoped his strength and insulin would now be stabilized and he would be “all set” for a little time.

Late this a.m. his condition declined severely.

The vet came over to help ‘take DEXTER HOME’ - thanks to ALL OF YOU.

To Katrin, all I can say is “amazing” . . . . and that without her and the existence of ANIMALKIND how very sad and less “human-ness” things would be without her creating ANIMALKIND to help DEXTER and the countless, COUNTLESS other’s that all of you have been a part of.

As emotional as it was to help & see DEXTER go “home” –

DEXTER brought a most emotional and indelible part of life . . . . “ . . . . . one single glance or a single moment in time to me that will be one that I was meant to experience for the rest of my entire Lifetime” in a way no words have the meaning to convey

DEXTER came home, here, so he could “go home” in the way he wished for and a way he totally deserved. I’m glad he “made it” here



VERY Sincerely,

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