Kind caregiver tending 20 unaltered cats - 20 Sep 2010
Rescue Actions - What We Do Every Day

Animalkind, Inc

A compassionate woman in Catskill, NY, took it upon herself to feed and provide shelter for over 20 cats. She has no means for spaying/neutering in order to stop to this overwhelming situation. Animalkind is helping right now to get all cats altered and vaccinated and thereby prevent the births of more unwanted kittens.

We also will provide straw for the shelters in her backyard for the winter so everyone will be warm.

Three small kittens had to be taken to a foster home, because the Mamma Cat died.

UPDATE - 27 Oct 2010

Trapping is almost done.

The little black & white Tuxedo kitty had to have one eye was removed. After the procedure (and having been spayed and vaccinated), she was released where the kind lady will continue to feed and watch over her and the others.

Please help us help these felines and this compassionate woman. Please donate TODAY towards the care of these kitties who had no one to watch over them. .

Please donate to Animalkind NOW, so we can provide needed care for animals who are suffering and in need of help.

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