8 cats spotted at recycle plant in danger of being crushed by vehicles - 8 Oct 2010
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Animalkind, Inc

The 8 cats were seen trying to savage for food in the trash. A caring employee commenced feeding them. However, they were being run over by recycle vehicles at a terrible rate. The mortality rate for kittens was depressing. These kitties were hit by cars and had no chance for survival.

Five of the kitties that were still alive have been trapped and altered ASAP and they were relocated to a beautiful outdoor/indoor barn situation after spay/neuter thanks to a kind and wonderful person.

The kind adopter of the endangered cats provided a photo of Taba (below left), the first of the recycle site cats to be relocated, along with friendly Stripes, adopted from Animalkind. Taba loves Stripes; they spend a lot of time together.

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