Feral with tumor - 12 Dec 2010
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Animalkind, Inc

(warning - somewhat graphic. Do not read unless you are prepared)

It is not always that Animalkind is able to rescue or "save" a poor animal.

This is one such case:

On a cold winter day we were called regarding a situation where a feral cat was spotted with a huge tumor in her face. The caretaker was deeply concerned as the cat was not able to eat anymore, was very emaciated and seemed to be in great discomfort.

Animalkind went to the site and got the kitty. We rushed her immediately to the vet. While the cat was under sedation, the vet examined the tumor and discovered that it had grown into her sinus and bones. At this point the only humane decision to be made was not to extend the suffering of this feline.

She was humanely euthanized.

Although this is a sad story and did not result in the saving of the poor animal, Animalkind's intervention did indeed relieve the creature of extended suffering, bitter cold, starvation and pain. She was given care and dignity as she left this life.

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