Another injured kitty alone in the cold - 19 Jan 2011
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Lilly, the Russian Blue Rescue


This week, after yet another bad snowstorm, we were contacted by an elderly woman who was feeding a little stray kitty in an abandoned shed. The kitty was shivering in the bitter, bitter cold. The lady told us the poor animal had injuries on her head and that immediate help was needed.

We went right away and were able to capture "Lilly" (named after her guardian angel). She actually purred when we put her in the carrier!

Her head wounds have been treated and it turns out she is a beautiful Russian Blue, polydactyl (meaning a cat with extra toes) approximately 5-6 months young.

She is safe with us now and we hope we will find a great home for her, and another happy ending.

UPDATE: 12 April 2011

Lilly has completely recovered from her serious wounds AND has found her permanent loving home!

Lilly was Adopted! Thank You!

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