Mama cat and kittens trapped in flooded basement - 26 April 2011
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Animalkind, Inc

Catskill, NY - 26 Apr 2011

Upon discovering his cellar had been flooded, the owner spotted a momma kitty and 4 kittens in the muddy basement.

Animalkind was called and we rushed to the house right away. The basement water was rising, and the kittens - only 4 weeks young - had nowhere to go.

Mom was trapped and we searched every corner of the basement until all 4 kittens were found.

Mom and kittens are now safe and resting. Mom will be spayed and hopefully relocated to a managed colony since she seems feral. The kittens will be vetted and fostered until loving homes are found.

Please consider a donation to Animalkind! We are still trying to raise the money to pay the vet bills for these cats. Donate today and help us to continue to help the homeless felines.

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