Homeless cats and kittens found behind empty house in Catskill, NY - 30 July 2011
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Catskill, NY - 30 July 2011

A gruesome site was awaiting when Animalkind was called to a situation in Catskill, NY.


A report came in of an abandoned house where there were cats and kittens, sick and dying in the backyard.

Upon arrival, we found an emaciated, dehydrated orange and white kitten, full of fleas and with a bad Upper Respiratory Infection ("URI").

The mom and two other kittens were nearby. We managed to catch one of the other two kittens (a little black kitten) and we set traps for the other kitten and cats in the area. Thus far, three cats have been trapped and altered, with two more to go and one more kitten to catch.

We also found a dead cat in a tree.

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