Pitchy the Pigeon Rescued in Hudson - December 2012

Animalkind, Inc

Unusual rescue...

"Pitchy", an injured pigeon, was found in December 2012 in an alley behind the UPS facility in Hudson.  She was unable to fly and had a leg band (registered with the International Federation of Pigeon Racing).

Animalkind took her in and nursed her back to health.

Animalkind pigeon rescue 

"Pitchy" became very cozy in her foster home as one can see.

Thanks to the leg band and the International Federation of Pigeon Racing's data banks, we were finally able to contact the owner. He was located in Massachusetts, and he quickly came to Animalkind and picked up "Pitchy" to bring her home to her friends.

It turned out "Pitchy" had been missing for over a year!! 

After a two-month recuperation with Animalkind, she finally was taken home to her feathery family.

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