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Paulchen (Angus Og aka Goose Kitty)

Paulchen's Miracle HAPPY HAPPY Ending Story!

I used to live with a wonderful family in a great home since I was a kitten. They loved me and adored me and had 2!! albums full of pictures of me! Clearly I was the star of the home. (To enlarge the photo of Paulchen, click on the photo or link)

Than in spring 2002 I went on an adventure with my best friend and neighbor "Blacky"- to check out the fields. We had such a great time that we lost our way. We were roaming around for a looong time, hoping to find home, but everything looked strange and nobody opened a door for us.

Finally we found a great place with lot's of cats - the humans call it a "managed colony" and even more important: lots of cat food! Every day someone came by and fed us all kind of goodies, fresh water and we even got a lot of affection. We loved it there and decided to stay, what more does a cat want? Great company, lot's of fun, food and mice. (of course I thought often of my family who I missed greatly - nothing replaces a soft bed every night to sleep in and breakfast in bed!)

Than the caretaker , who admired me greatly, she always told me how " handsome", "cute" and "smart" I am, she picked me up and took me to a foster home to be adopted. She named me "Paulchen"- my real name is "Angus the Cat"!

To be honest, I really didn't want to be adopted, I wanted to go home to my family! So, I acted shy every time someone wanted to adopt me, so nobody ever did. ( ha, good work)

Than one year after I got lost, my owners saw my picture on the website (they told me, they never gave up hope to find me) and rushed over to see if it's really me and of course took me home at last! I never saw anyone so delighted about my scar on my nose!

They brought all the pictures of me and even a map to see how far I wandered!

We are all sooo happy to be together again as a family after one year of waiting for THAT moment!

Now it's time for breakfast in bed again!

On 30 April 2003 Tanja Dooling sent us the following update with photos:

Dear Katrin,

Itıs been a few weeks now that Angus has been back home with us. I canıt thank you enough for having taken him in !!! Every day I am in amazement that we got him back after 15 long months without him and I count my blessings. (To enlarge Angus' photos, above and below, click on the photos or links.)

home. For the first few days he was very timid and hardly let us pet him. Then little by little he came around. Once he started coming out of his hiding spot, he practically started taking over the house. At first he tried to dominate our dog (who weighs about 80 lbs.). They have since rekindled their former friendship. Our baby loves Angus and follows him everywhere. The first 2 weeks that Angus was back home we kept him inside to familiarize himself with his surroundings. Then he started feeling couped up and a week ago we let him outside for the first time. He was loving it. One of the attached pictures shows him on that first day out. He seems very happy to be back home with us and he follows us wherever we go. Angus is once again as loving as he always was and as an added bonus, he is much more playful now. We are so psyched to be one big happy family J

Thank you again for everything you have done. Keep up the great work.


Tanja Dooling

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