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Our special NEEDS babies: BUMBLES and TANISHA

16 July 2008

Bumbles (black/white male on left) was born with a neurological problem. He can't keep his balance and stumbles/bumbles around. He is the sweetest soul and is trying so hard to get around. He is getting a bit better, slowly. Mr. Bumbles LOVES to be held and cuddled, even his daily bath is not a bother to him-he stumbles after balls and toys and plays with Tanisha. Tanisha was pulled of the euthanasia list at a kill shelter-she is blind and nobody wanted her, so she was scheduled to be killed. Animalkind took this little soul in and she and Mr. Bumbles now are best friends!! They play and sleep together, snooze in the afternoon and enjoy each other company! Mr. Bumbles and Tansiha are totally right for each other. He likes a gentle friend and Tanisha is just that. A gentle, loving soul that deserves to be loved. We have high hopes that someone with a special heart will take those two souls into their heart and home.


UPDATE 18 Jul 2008

Tanisha, blind and Bumble (neurolocial) are BEST friends and have a great time in their play pen.

Meet Tanisha

Meet Bumbles


UPDATE 26 August 2008

Tanisha and Googly --two blind kittens -- find their forever loving home!!!

Bumbles and Tansiha loved each other, but Bumbles was not growing as he should, and Tanisha soon outgrew him and became too rough a player for little Bumble.

Then came another cry for help from ……Googly! Googly is a tuxedo kitten found abandoned in Staten Island, born without eyes.

Meet Googly

Since Tanisha captured our hearts the moment she snuggled in our arms, we knew that we could also give hope to Googly and we took her into our safety.

Googly and Tanisha, both blind, bonded right away (and they are the same age/size)

Googly and Tanisha True Pals

Then a miracle happened:

Piroschka (a former adopter) read Tanisha’s and Bumbles' story in our newsletter and decided to open her heart and home to them. When she arrived at Animalkind, we thought Tanisha and Googly would be the purrfect match. And both were adopted together!!!

Googly and Tanisha Find Love

Googly and Tanisha Adopted

Bumbles remains in our care and has "same size" playmates (not really a problem at Animalkind, since we have so many small kittens waiting for their forever homes.

Another happy ending at Animalkind! Never give up on the most forgotten felines!!

Update Letter

The little ones are fine. We had a good trip, we did not get into any traffic jam. We got home, Tanisha cried a bit during the trip but not much. They settled down. Both knows where is their litter and pied (first thing). They drank both and Googly ate too.

I left them alone for 15 min and then I went down again. They were cuddled up happy to have each other. Googly is already purring me as a machine, Tanisha is more shy.

I did not let Buffer go down today, I felt it would be too much for them though she already discovered their smell and would like to see them a lot. Dear Katrin, do not worry. I think they will be really fine and happy here.

My heart is breaking for Bumbles. He is so sweet but I do realize it is better for him to have a REAL family, I could not care for him so much, I am not home all day. I will send pictures sometime.

We send our love, Buffer, Tanisha, Googie and Uma (you don't know her. She is my old cat)



***Bumbles (our special needs kitten) has been chosen for adoption and will go to his new home on the weekend!!!!!***

ONLY at Animalkind!!

28 August 2008:

BUMBLES has found his forever home!!! 

Miracles do happen! We never gave up on Bumbles and after 4 months, someone opened their heart and home to him!! We are so happy for this little trooper!

Update Letter - 17 Sep 2008


I wanted to send you a few photos of Bumbles. He has been escaping his "safe zone" and venturing out to explore the rest of the house. He continues to inspire us all.

Talk to you soon
Tina and Allison


Updated 23 Nov 2008

Here's a new picture of bumbles. He is doing very well and getting so big. He is currently working on his "pounce." He is usually misses his intended target but keeps trying !!!! He brings us much joy!!

Take care
Tina, Allison and Bumbles

Updated 22 Dec 2008

He is doing very well, has gained 3 pounds and has figured out how to walk a little by digging his claws into the carpet!

Tina, Allison and Bumbles

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