Little "Miracle" Boy Saved
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Thursday, just when we were about to close we got a call from a woman stating that a mother cat dug a hole in the ground at her backyard the night before and gave birth to 4 kittens. No cover, no shelter-just out in the plain backyard.

We rushed right over, planning to take mom and kittens into safety and warmth. Upon arrival, the woman came towards me with three lifeless little bodies of tiny kittens, crying: They all died...... Two were dead, one was barely alive. I took the cold kitten under my armpit to warm it right away (this the immediate way to warm a hypothermic kitten) and rushed back with instructions to look for momma and 4 kitten.

Once back at Animalkind, the first thing we did warmed the kitten up right away-slowly. And it MUST be slowly, if using a heating blanket - ALWAYS put on low.  It is utterly important NEVER to FEED a hypothermic creature -it will kill it!

Rub the kittens body to stimulate blood circulation. We had our doubts, the little guy was so cold and lifeless, but after warming him and rubbing him, he began to move. Three hours later his body temperature was normal and he got his first feeding and a teddy bear as a 'mom' substitute.

One night later...he was purrfect. Eating and nursing on momma teddy bear as well as good poop (yeah!) Little "Miracle" boy is thriving and we hope he will make it. In the meantime, we are still looking for the mom and 4th kitten and so is the entire neighborhood.


UPDATED - 01 Apr 2010

Miracle Boy finds a Surrogate Mom !

An Animalkind volunteer found a real momma for little Miracle boy- even though the new mamma has four of her own, she loved him right away! Today, the final day of March, his eyes are starting to open.

UPDATED - 04 May 2010

Miracle baby-now 4 weeks young - grew into a maincoon kitten!

UPDATED - 04 November 2010


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