Kitten Hit By Car - 1 Jun 2010
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A young girl kitty was rushed in to Animalkind on Sunday, May 30th. She appeared to have been hit by a car and could only pull herself with her front legs.

Her injuries were severe, but we did not give up hope. The cat had maggots all over her. Maggots (fly larvae) will develop in and on an animal's body when the animal can not clean herself thoroughly anymore due to injury.

Maggots make pockets or depressions in their victims, so we had to shave the kitty to find the pockets and flush the maggots out from the skin. These maggots have to be picked out, one by one, so while the vet worked on fluids and meds, we shaved and pulled the maggots off the poor soul with tweezers.

Finally, shaved, hydrated and "maggot free" (after 2 hours of intensive work), the kitty is resting.

Updated - 12 Jul 2010

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