Nursing Home Cat Family - 1 Jun 2010
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We received a call from a nursing home complex asking us for help. They reported that there were 4 kittens and a mom in the bushes near the complex and the elderly residents hoped for them to be taken to a place where they could be adopted.

The cat family was feral (born in the wild without human association), and the kittens and Mom had to be captured.

We had to crawl through the bushes to find the little ones... Finally, we got them all.

Momma Cat was very wary, but we trapped her at last She will be released (after spay and vaccination) back to the complex to be fed and watched over by the people who live there.

Three of the four little kittens, now in foster homes. Healthy and beautiful, they are hoping for a life other than homelessness.

Updated - 12 Jul 2010

All Adopted

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