Kittens Abandoned at Closed Resort - 15 Jun 2010
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Animalkind, Inc

Animalkind received a call from campers in Palenville, NY, who learned of two kittens that had been dumped at the Friar Tuck Inn, a closed resort in the area. When they went to look for the kittens, they found an emaciated, dehydrated little kitten. His sibling was already dead, having starved.

When the little surviving kitten was brought to Animalkind, he could not stand up. He was just too weak.


We warmed him and fed him and within hours he start purring.

He could not stand up and was almost to weak to eat. He was given fluids and medical attention as well as lots of love.

He is now resting and gaining weight in a foster home to recover from his from trauma so early in life. Lots of love and fancy feast!!

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UPDATED - 04 November 2010


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