Hudson Waterfront Ferals - August 10, 2012
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August 10, 2012

Animalkind feral cat rescue 

Located on the waterfront of the City of Hudson, NY, is an area of shacks and "lean to's" where people spent time and simply gathered for summer overnights and such. After awhile, sanitation and safety concerns caused the City to close the area and begin demolition of the unauthorized structures.

Animalkind feral cat rescue 

This area had also been a dumping ground for unwanted cats, which left on their own, proliferated into dozens of cats and kittens which were being fed by the human "occupants" of the area.  Once the area became "off limits", there was no one to feed the multitude of stray and unwanted cats and their progeny.

Animalkind was made aware of the situation and immediately went to feed and trap those forgotten felines.
Unfortunately,most were feral and required relocation to responsible farm/barn situations.

Animalkind feral cat rescue 

Animalkind feral cat rescue 

We have been able to relocate 12 thusfar, but desperately need places for 8 more!! All are altered, vaccinated, tested and ear-notched for identification as having been altered.  10-15 more cats need still need to be trapped.

Animalkind is trapping and feeding at the site everyday until all felines are safe since soon, the shacks will be torn down.

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