Colony of 120 Abandoned and Feral Cats in Cairo, NY - August 2012
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Animalkind, Inc

August 2012

Animalkind cat rescue 

The owner of a local meat store in Cairo, NY, has been kindly feeding outdoor feral cats with meat scraps. Animalkind, over the years, has periodically trapped, spay/neutered, vaccinated and "ear-notched" ferals from this location and returned them, helping to control the rapid reproduction of unfixed cats.  

However, people in the area, familiar with the shop-owners kindness to homeless cats, simply "dumped" their former pets, which they no longer wanted or could afford, near the shop, as they knew food was likely to be available for the cats.

Animalkind cat rescue 

This is *not* a good thing, as those cats proliferated to the point where the "colony" reached an estimated population of over 120 friendly and feral cats and their many kittens. This proliferation was brought to Animalkind's attention by the Marino family. The Marino's have been supplementing the feeding every day and do the trapping while Animalkind is using its resources to spay/neuter the animals and pay the medical bills.

Animalkind cat rescue

 Where possible, Animalkind has found new homes for the friendly cats in the colony.  In recent months, over 75 cats have thusfar been trapped, neutered and returned ("TNR'd") and over 30 kittens (!) have been kept by Animalkind and its foster network that have been socialized and adopted to qualified homes.

Animalkind cat rescue 

The Marino's and Animalkind are still working on the site to try to get every single cat altered.  Many of the felines have medical issues and need attention in addition to just spay/neuter/vacinate. Please help us stop the circle of breeding of the unwanted cats - DONATE today.

Please donate to Animalkind NOW, so we can provide needed care for animals who are suffering and in need of help.

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