Cat Stuck in Tree on Warren Street in Hudson - Nov 4, 2012
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Animalkind cat rescue 

Animalkind received several frantic calls from people on Warren Street in Hudson. "There is a cat stuck up in a tree that has been screaming for days," they cried.

[Animalkind cat rescue

Animalkind went to the location but we could not get up that tree.

Animalkind cat rescue 

Walter's General Contracting was contacted and they came right away with their cherry picker!

Animalkind cat rescue 

The Walters man went way up to the branches to get the cat, while we were providing safety with an open blanket "net" in case the cat fell.

Suddenly, the frightened cat jumped down and ran back into her apartment.....We hope this is her last adventure with the tree.

Animalkind cat rescue 

Special thanks to Walter's General Contracting!!

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