Hudson Hoarder Rescue - October 27, 2013
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Hudson Hoarder Rescue

Cats and kittens (and a white rat) all abandoned in a vacated apartment in Hudson

October 27, 2013

Animalkind received a call on a Sunday morning stating that there was a vacated apartment in Hudson with over 10 cats inside that had been abandoned for over 2 weeks.

Animalkind hoarder rescue

Animalkind hoarder rescue

Animalkind called the Police Department immediately and went to the apartment. What we found was a house of horror! One cat was locked in a small room, and seven others were crying for food and help through out the apartment.

Animalkind hoarder rescue

Animalkind hoarder rescue

The place was horrible mess.  A pet rat - skinny and dehydrated - was in a cage without food or water.  There were feces all over.  All the cats and kittens were dehudrated.

Animalkind hoarder rescue

Animalkind and the Police Department brought them all to safety at our 721 Warren Street Adoption Center.

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