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December 8, 2013

Animalkind rescued a cat stuck in a tree for 3 days!!

Sunday, Dec 8,  was a busy day at Animalkind in Hudson, especially when we got a call from someone asking us to help a cat that was stuck at the top of a tree for 3 days. Nobody else seemed to be able to help.

We had experienced icy rain the the night before and we had to at least try to get him. After 2 hours of coaxing, lots of tuna and a 20-foot ladder, the shivering kitty was finally rescued and taken down from the tree!

Now we hoped someone is missing this super sweet, neutered male tiger kitty!

December 19, 2013:

Reunited with his Famiy:

On December 19, a neighbor from the area where the tree was located called to say that the cat (whichn we had posted on Facebook) looked like his beloved cat who had been missing for some time.

There were tears of joy when they were reunited at our shelter. Another happy ending at Animalkind, saving a kitty's life in hopes of a happy reunion with his family! We're thrilled!

Facebook tells the story !!:

Animalkind cat in a tree rescued

Animalkind cat in a tree rescued

Animalkind cat in a tree rescue

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