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Cat rescued after spending *TWO* bitter cold freezing nights in a tree
Dutch Village Trailer Park
Hudson, NY

On January 2, 2014 at the beginning of the new year, Animalkind got a frantic call from the Dutch Village Trailer park in Hudson regarding a cat stuck in a tree (this is the second time in a month! See Cat Rescued After 3 Days in a Tree and then Claimed by Owner thru Facebook ).

The poor cat had been in the tree for at least two days. The night of January 1 saw temperatures plummet to bitter, bitter cold.  On top of this, it snowed all night.  All this time this kitty was stuck in the tree.  Animalkind went right away to the trailer park, and Animalkind's volunteer Randy Marino did not hesitate to climb the tree (do not try this at home) to save the kitty. The cat had climbed to a dangerous height and Randy had a difficult time getting up there. But, the stranded cat knew that we were there to help. 

Slowly, while crying the entire time, the poor kitty crawled towards the saving arms. Finally, kitty was safe!!

She was then treated for hypothermia at Animalkind. And more good news:  The woman who alerted us wants to adopt her!! The cat, high up the tree...

Animalkind cat tree rescue

She struggles to turn around...

Animalkind cat tree rescue

Randy reaches out to the freezing kitty...

Animalkind cat tree rescue

Randy is not close enough...

Animalkind cat tree rescue

The cat drops into Randy's arms...

Animalkind cat tree rescue

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