Animalkind, Inc

A Home For Cats In Hudson (03:24) Local media coverage is one of the best ways we can further our cause to help animals in need and let others know more about what we do. Please take a moment to send Channel 6 News (WRGB) positive feedback for their wonderful news segment on Animalkind!

Adopting a Kitten... or Two (05:12) We've just adopted two of the sweetest, orange tabby kittens from Animalkind...

AnimalKind is the Chance for Kittens (06:32) On a Tuesday morning, stepping foot from the quiet of Warren street in Hudson, NY, through a sweet, pink door, I enter a 3 bedroom townhouse that effectively shelters more than 130 free-roaming cats like a well oiled machine. Today, I am greeted by organized chaos.

"Dirty Old Stray" (03:45) A short film promoting rescue and adoption.

Every 3 Seconds (02:31) - This short, and informative video states many good reasons to SPAY and NEUTER your cats. On average, every 3 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a cat or kitten is put to sleep somewhere in the USA because there are too many cats and not enough good homes.

Fun Video about Spaying and Neutering (02:19) Cats and dogs can't drive to the clinic -- they need a little help getting spayed and video.

Interview with the AnimalKind Director Katrin Hecker (03:53) Interview by The Kingston News concerning Kingston's Laws and Rules May 20, 2010 Cats to Limit the number of cats per tax parcel.

Our Adoption Center (01:31) A visit to AnimalKind!

Sassy - a Blind Kitty Needs a Home (0:36) SASSY: 9-month young female, born with no eyes. Sassy is a love bug and was found outside -as a stray - lost or abandoned. She must have been with someone loving since, although sightless, she is healthy and loving. She uses the litter box, climbs on the bed and is a real love bug! Please open your heart and home to her!!!

Take a Break: Animalkind (video) November 21, 2012 - CBS6 - Animalkind, a cat rescue and adoption center, was forced from its home a few months ago when a fire tore through parts of the building.Hundreds of cats who were already looking for a new home suddenly needed another temporary one.Jerry Gretzinger reports how, despite a major setback, the woman who has been there for the animals all along isn't walking away now.

The Cruelty Behind Iams Pet Food (08:18) Unfortunately behind every box of Iams Dog and Cat food lies a dark secret...

Twelve cats left alone (01:13) One day before Thanksgiving, 12 cats were rescued by Animalkind after they had been left in an apartment for nearly a full month. The story is sad and it inspired us to count our own blessings every day.

What Are Puppy Mills? (03:31) An informative video of a February 2011 puppy mill rescue documenting standard industry practices of "puppy mills" or "puppy farms" that provide a continuous supply of puppies to be sold through local and national pet stores and online.

Wobbling Kitten has Cerebellar Hypoplasia (01:01) Mush needs a home! He was born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. The cause could be panleukopenia infection prior to birth, or injury, poisoning, or improper development in the uterus. It can be caused by vaccinating a pregnant mother cat. Once the symptoms are seen, they do not usually get any worse, as the cat ages. The cat learns to compensate, and with some care to help them along, they can live normal, healthy, happy lives. Mush is a rescue in need of a loving home!

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