Bulls Dragged Down River In Mexican Fiesta
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Bulls Dragged Down River In Mexican Fiesta

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Honorable Officials:

I am dismayed the annual "Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria," in Tlacotalpan, Veracruz, still features the public torture and death of six bulls. On February 1, participants in boats drag six roped bulls down a river for the "Embalse de Toros." The frightened animals are then harassed in the streets until too physically and mentally depleted to resist.

This is the 21st Century, yet the governor of Veracruz endorsed last year's "Embalse de Toros" and tourism authorities continue to promote it. Vulgar images emerged on Mexican television, including a bull so terrified he tried to smash his way out of a pen. Another bull nearly drowned in the river.

I cannot tour or otherwise support any society that condones the senseless brutalization of animals. I call upon officials to forbid the use of animals in the "Fiesta de la Candelaria," as well as other fiestas.

Please amend Mexican law to cover animals sacrificed for amusement or religion. I urge you to enforce stronger animal protection laws that shield animals from all forms abuse, including barbaric rituals. Anyone who victimizes animals should be prosecuted and punished.

Tradition, entertainment and recreation do not justify animal cruelty. Please work with local authorities to permanently ban the use of animals in the "Fiesta de la Candelaria."


From: Tony Moore, FAACE, [email protected]

Estimados Señores,

Me refiero a la tortura y la matanza de seis toros en el "embalse de toros" en el marco de la "Fiesta de la Candelaria,” que se llevará a cabo el próximo 1 de febrero en Tlacotalpan, estado Veracruz.

Le ruego que prohiba el uso de los animales en la fiesta.

Por favor intervenga con las autoridades locales para que se acabe con esta horrible tradición para siempre y para que se siga adelante con la fiesta sin animales.




I refer to the torture and killing of the six bulls during the "Embalse de Toros" in the "Fiesta de la Candelaria," which will take place in Tlacotalpan, in the state of Veracruz on February 1, 2007.

I urge you to ban the use of animals in the fiesta.

Please intervene with the local authorities to get this horrible tradition banned and to take the animals out of the fiesta.


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