Boys Set Gasoline-Soaked Dog On Fire - Please Contact Officials to Ensure Maximum Penalty
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Boys Set Gasoline-Soaked Dog On Fire
Please Contact Officials to Ensure Maximum Penalty

From Kinship Circle

Five Boys Accused Of Setting Dog On Fire

NASHVILLE -- Five boys face charges of animal cruelty after being accused of
setting a dog on fire, authorities said...


Metro Animal Control Facility
Lina Hernandez, Metro Animal Control Officer
Billy Biggs, Metro Animal Control field operations Officer
5125 Harding Place; Nashville, TN  37211
ph: 615-862-7928; email: [email protected]

Nashville Juvenile Court
Betty Adams Green, Judge
100 Woodland Street
P.O. Box 196306; Nashville, TN 37213-6306
switchboard: 615-862-8000; DA, Juvenile Division: 615-862-8043
DA fax: 615-862-8921; detention fax: 615-862-7140
Vic Lineweaver, Juvenile Court Clerk: [email protected]

Victor S. (Torry) Johnson III, District Attorney General
Washington Square, Suite 500
222 2nd Avenue North; Nashville, Tennessee 37201-1649
ph: 615-862-5500; fax 615-862-5599

Mayor Bill Purcell
Mayor's Office
100 Metro Courthouse; Nashville, TN 37201
ph: 615-862-6000; fax: 615-862-6040
email: [email protected]

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Dear Officials of Nashville, Tennessee:

I respectfully ask for your utmost deliberation in the investigation of five youths who set fire to a gasoline-doused dog on June, 24, 2007 in north Nashville. I understand the boys, ages 9 to14, allegedly soaked the dog in gasoline, restrained him by his collar, and ignited him with a lighter.

Arthur Greer witnessed the screaming dog as he raced down a street engulfed in flames. "He tried to lick himself when he was burning and his face caught on fire," the retired Army sergeant told reporters.

I thank Animal Control Officers for pursuing aggravated animal cruelty charges and hope court officials levy the maximum penalty in the state of Tennessee. If convicted, please advocate jail or juvenile hall time for these troubled boys and ensure they undergo psychological counseling. Each should be barred from possessing or living alongside animals in any context.

Because the accused are so young, their indifference to suffering signifies a cry for help. Ken Trump of the National School Safety and Security Services advises parents and educators to view animal abuse as a key indicator of a seriously disturbed youth.

Indeed, adolescent pranks that victimize animals are a known precursor to aggressive crimes. Columbine High School shooter Eric Harris, 18, smashed mice with a crowbar and set them on fire. Washington D.C. serial killer Lee Boyd Malvo killed stray cats with a slingshot. Kip Kinkle blew up a cow and burned a live cat. He then shot 25 classmates and murdered his parents in Springfield, Oregon. Andrew Golden and Mitchell Johnson, both 13, brutalized dogs before killing five people in an Arkansas school rampage.

Robert Ressler, founder of the FBI's behavioral sciences unit, calls serial killers and other psychopathic criminals "the kids who never learned it's wrong to poke out a puppy's eyes." Randall Lockwood, Ph.D. -- regularly enlisted to aid cruelty investigators, law enforcers, court officials and mental health professionals -- deems violence against small, helpless or non-threatening creatures as a precursor to assaulting children, the elderly or disabled, and other vulnerable victims.

No one is more helpless than a domesticated animal. This poor dog fled from potential rescuers and has likely died from his horrible wounds.

These boys pose a risk to other animals and humans in your community. At the very least, each requires extensive probation with behavioral rehabilitation and juvenile hall time. Please keep me informed of any progress in this case.

Thank you,

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