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ACT NOW to Protect Cats from Extermination at JFK Airport
From Neighborhood Cats

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Despite an avalanche of criticism from thousands of outraged members of the public, the Port Authority of NY and NJ began trapping feral cats at JFK Airport over this past weekend with the plan of exterminating them.

Rescuers were barred from feeding or rescuing cats and were threatened with arrest by USDA wildlife officials.

In addition, a Port Authority spokesman admitted to the NY Post his agency had lied when telling the public last Friday the cats would all be adopted into good homes. The NY Post confirmed the cats would be put down immediately instead... [SEE TALKING POINTS, BELOW]

PHOTO: A number of rescue groups have been entering airport grounds to feed as well as spay and neuter the cats, but the Port Authority has been cracking down on them lately.

Some groups have rescued kittens from the colony; the hope is that the feral kittens will be socialized enough for adoption.

Each passing day brings ever more outrageous conduct by the Port Authority - this is not only about the precious lives of the cats anymore, but about the accountability of people who have forgotten they are public servants.

We need you to raise your voice once more, loudly and strongly, and let others in the government know your opinion of the extermination effort and the Port Authority's conduct. It is our last hope for these cats.

No matter the outcome, we as citizens must not lie down and be trampled upon by the arrogance of those who have lost their way and will soon have blood on their hands.

Demand Port Authority suspend the trapping immediately and meet with representatives of the NYC Feral Cat Initiative and the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals to come up with a humane, effective feral cat management plan.

(Please click here for JFK Proposal if anyone asks for more detailed information on the issues.)

Anthony R. Coscia, Chairman
Board of Commissioners
Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Phone:  732 -846-2120 (direct line)
   or 732-846-7600 (general number for Mr. Coscia's law firm)
Fax:  732-846-8877
E-Mail:  [email protected] 

The Honorable Eliot Spitzer, Governor, New York
Phone:  212-681-4580
Fax:  518-474-1513
Email:  Go to, click on "contact us" at bottom of the page

The Honorable Mary Donahue, Lieutenant Governor, New York
Phone:  518-474-4623
Email: [email protected] 

The Honorable Helen Marshall
Queens Borough President, Chairman - Airport Community Advisory Board
Phone:  718-286-3000
Email:  [email protected] 

Port Authority Corporate Headquarters
(212) 435-7000
Get a live person on the line and demand to speak to someone about the JFK situation - keep calling until they respond

Additional Contacts (from
Anthony Shorris
Executive Director, Port Authority of NY and NJ
212-435-7271 * [email protected]

Shawn Larenti
Director, Government and Community Relations Dept.
Port Authority of NY and NJ
212-435-6903 * [email protected]

Charles E. Meara, NYC Community Relations Dept.
Port Authority of NY and NJ
917-596-0492 * [email protected]

Public Affairs, Port Authority
212 435-7777

Susan Baer, General Manager, JFK Airport
718-244-3501 * [email protected]

Laura Francoeur
Aeronautical Services, Airport Operations Division

718-244-3773 * fax: 718-244-3777
[email protected]


LIE #1:
"The cats will all be adopted into good homes."

Feral cats are unadoptable and usually are immediately put down when brought to shelters, as Port Authority plans to do. Port Authority ADMITTED LYING to the public about this in the NY Post article, "Frequent Liars", published Saturday, October 27, 2007.

LIE #2:
"Feeding the cats attracts seagulls and the birds are an aviation threat."

Seagulls are at the airport because JFK is NEAR THE OCEAN!! And because there are tons of trash strewn about the airport's grounds. There is not enough cat food to attract large numbers of birds and there is no food left anyway when the cats finish eating. Cats hunt birds, they don't attract them. There is ZERO evidence proving a link between the presence of cats at an airport and an aviation risk. DON'T BE GULL-IBLE!!!

LIE #3
"A cat will go onto the runways and cause a plane to crash when it hits the cat."

The cats are not located anywhere near the runways. No cat has ever been spotted on any runway. Runways could be easily fenced to keep cats out if this actually was a legitimate concern, which it's not. Ever seen or heard of a jet hitting a cat?

LIE #4:
"We can achieve a cat-free airport."

You can't wipe out the presence of feral cats in a 5000 acre area in which new, un-neutered cats are constantly being abandoned or lost and then reproducing, and where there are plentiful food sources. Only Trap-Neuter-Return can, over time, reduce the numbers. The Port Authority's extermination effort is futile and will only result in new furry faces, not fewer. The killing is senseless.

Additional Information:

New York, Oct. 31, 2007- Some members of the public are getting confused about the role of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals in our fight to save the JFK cats. The Mayor's Alliance is responsible for the NYC Feral Cat Initiative, which is the program leading the fight against the extermination of the JFK cats. The Alliance is our hero; the Port Authority of NY and NJ is the villian.

Please ask people to support the Alliance and thank them for their extraordinary efforts on behalf of the cats and all the NYC groups who rely on the Alliance!!

Again, please post this far and wide so we can stop the confusion from spreading.

Bryan Kortis
Executive Director
Neighborhood Cats
[email protected] 

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