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Originally Posted: August 8 2008



There is another slaughter of baby seals on the east coast of Canada each
year. This slaughter...happens very quietly, but the nature of the slaughter
is the same. Fishermen...descend on recently weaned defenseless seal pups
and proceed to shoot and bludgeon them to death. The pups' skin is then
ripped from their bodies and oftentimes the carcasses are left to rot.

Anti Sealing Coalition 

Call, email or send letters or faxes to the following (sample letter below):

The Honourable Rodney MacDonald, Premier of Nova Scotia
Office of the Premier
P.O. Box 726; Halifax, NS B3J 2T3
ph: 902-424-6600; email: [email protected] 

The Honourable Ron Chisholm, Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture
1741 Brunswick St. 3rd Floor
P.O. Box 2223; Halifax, NS B3J 3C4
ph: 902-424-8953; fax: 902-424-0699/0698
email: [email protected] 

The Honourable Mark Parent, Minister of Environment and Labour
PO Box 697
5151 Terminal Road; Halifax, NS B3J 2T8
ph: 902-424-6647; fax: 902-424-0575
email: [email protected] 

The Honourable David Morse, Minister of Natural Resources
1701 Hollis Street
P.O. Box 698; Halifax, NS B3J 2T9
ph: 902-424-4037; fax: 902-424-0594
email: [email protected] 

* Hon. Loyola Hearn, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans: [email protected] 
* Hon. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister: [email protected] 
* Sterling Belliveau, MLA, NDP Fisheries Critic (NS): [email protected] 
* Harold Theriault, MLA, Liberal Fisheries Critic (NS): [email protected] 
* Peter Stoffer, MP, NDP Fisheries Critic (Canada): [email protected] 
* Scott Simms, MP, Liberal Fisheries Critic (Canada): [email protected] 
* Ryan Watson, Green Party leader (NS): [email protected] 
* Darrell Dexter, NDP Party leader (NS): [email protected] 
* Stephen McNeil, Liberal Party leader (NS): [email protected] 
* Elizabeth May, Green Party leader (Canada): [email protected] 
* Jack Layton, NDP Party leader (Canada): [email protected] 
* Stephan Dion, Liberal Party leader (Canada): [email protected] 

LOCAL MLA (if in Nova Scotia):


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[email protected], [email protected], [email protected] 

*Kinship Circle cannot guarantee validity of email addresses. During
campaigns, recipients may change or disable their email addresses. Emails
from government, corporate, or institute websites may be incorrect.

SAMPLE LETTER -- This letter is prepared to inform you about the issue.
Shorten and personalize your letter before sending.

Honourable Officials of Nova Scotia and Canada:

Please deny Fisheries Minister Ron Chisholm's appeal to expand the grey seal
hunt in Nova Scotia and permit sealing in Sable Island. Polls indicate most
Americans and Europeans condemn Canada's harp seal hunt, with many prepared
to boycott Canadian seafood until it ends. The unwarranted slaughter of grey
seals further disgraces Canada and its treatment of marine wildlife.

Nova Scotia fishermen annually destroy grey seal pups by the thousands.
During the ambush on nursery grounds, thick-sculled pups are clubbed with
wooden bats.

As you know, the European Commission is evaluating a seal products ban for
the entire European Union. A scientific review from the European Food and
Safety Authority (EFSA) revealed critical flaws in Canada's Marine Mammal
Regulations. Kill tactics for both grey and harp seal hunts are denounced in
EFSA's "Animal Welfare Aspects of the Killing and Skinning of Seals."

Despite the European Commission's call for a prohibition on seal goods from
countries that engage in inhumane slaughter -- Minister Chisholm wants to
inflate the yearly grey-seal quota and broaden the commercial hunt. Minister
Chisholm concedes there is no conclusive evidence linking grey seals to
diminishing fish stock. DFO scientists have no decisive proof that culling
seals will help cod recovery. In fact, cod represents 2% of the seals'
intake and they actually consume other species that prey on cod.

Sable Island is safeguarded as the world’s largest grey seal breeding
colony. Public wilderness areas do not belong to a small number of fishermen
intent on killing seals they say eat "their" fish.

Canada's grey seal hunt (like its harp seal hunt) lacks ecological,
financial or ethical justification. I encourage authorities to terminate the
slaughter of grey seals in Nova Scotia.


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